King Vs Queen Which Bed To Choose

Whether it is adjustable or trivial beds, they are available in different sizes. King and Queen size beds are widely popular among those couples and families that require more sleeping space. Queen size beds are a bit more used in daily household as compared to king-size beds. King size beds provide a bit more room to sleep without disturbing your partner, but queen size beds are more useable. According to different surveys conducted by reputed organizations, almost 50% of people use queen size beds, but only 25% of people use king size beds. The decision of choosing a perfect bed entirely relies on your family requirements, but most people don’t pay much attention to these aspects and end up investing in the wrong product.

Difference Between King And Queen Size Beds:

Both beds have some identical characteristics, but a few parameters differentiate them from each other. The first thing that does not change in both king and queen size beds is the length, but width is the main parameter that puts a line between them. A queen-size bed has a total width of 60 inches that is almost enough for a couple, but king-size bed offers 16 extra inches to increase comfort. A full length of 80-inches remains the same in both beds and is more than enough for people that are few inches taller than any average person. A king-size bed acquires a total of 12×12 feet and needs to be put in a master bedroom while queen size bed can fit in a smaller room and acquires 10×10 feet space. King size beds are preferred by couples who have a child to accommodate with them while sleeping.

What to Consider Before Buying King/Queen Size Bed:

There are numerous factors that can be vital to choose a perfect bed according to your needs and available space. Most importantly, you can hardly find a product that fits with all of your requirements but most of the time; you have to prioritize among factors. You can find the best king or queen size bed from while minimizing the trade-off factor.

Room Size: According to standards and best practices, you must leave at least two feet space around your bed to walk around comfortably. Before buying a mattress, you must consider if your room can accommodate a king-size mattress or you have to stick with queen-sized mattress.

Number of Sleepers: Another most important factor that affects the decision of choosing a bed is the number of sleepers. If you are an individual, then a single bed is enough for you to sleep comfortably but if you have one or two other people to sleep on that bed than a king or queen size bed can be a perfect option.

Price: Good quality mattresses come with a heftier price tag. With size, price varies, and it is up to you to choose a mattress that fits with both your needs and budget. On top of that if you want other features like innerspring or memory foam, then you must make a few extra holes in your pockets.

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